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REGISTER NOW for this amazing opportunity toparticipate during Nationals in Wilmington, NC begining on Thursday, June 20.

To participate in Legends, the dancer will be invited to compete.
The fee is $125 IN ADDITION TO THE SOLO entry fee* for the competition.

Each Legends dancer will be judged on the following:

The Dancer’s Solo
Dancers are required to *register their solo dance in the National’s competition on Dance Comp Genie

An Audition Class
The audition class will be a 2-3 hour class depending on number of participants. Dancers will learn a JAZZ group routine to be performed after all oral presentations are completed. Dancers will be scored on technique, execution, performance, how quickly they learn the steps, showmanship, and how they work with others.

An Oral Presentation
Each dancer is required to speak about contributing to society. The dancer needs to advocate for a specific need and explain how and why people can contribute. Each speech needs to be1-3 minutes long. Please keep it short and sweet! Each competitor must dress in business casual attire.

  • Some examples of this are, but not limited to:
  • Child Hunger (ie. Collecting canned goods)
  • Animal Rescue (Rescue and rehabilitation; the need to stop extinction; the importance of animals in the eco-system, etc.)
  • Blood Drive (The need to donate blood for recipients, age-appropriate reasons for giving blood, the process and reasons, etc.)

The main objective of this exercise is to get each dancer to research something outside of their realm, learning the importance of community service and volunteering, and being able to speak in front of a crowd about the subject.

Legends Time Schedule:

  • Thursday afternoon or Friday morning

We will name 5 Showdown Legends: mini, petite, junior, teen, and senior.
Showdown Legends will represent Southeast Showdown for the next season with the opportunity to work events and competitions of their choosing. In addition, they will win $100 Showdown bucks to use for the following season.



Call: (919) 753-6529 or Email Us: showdowndance@gmail.com
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